Even in a fast paced city, there can be a lot of down time: waiting for the bus, riding the bus, waiting for your friend to meet you at the coffee shop who’s coming in on the bus; you catch our drift. Luckily, all this waiting leaves time for us to crack a few spines. Book spines, that is. Last week we asked you:



For as long as I can remember, I’ve loved used book stores. Not only do I like that I’m not encouraging the wasting of paper by buying a brand new copy, but I can’t tell you how many times I’ve bought a used book and later discovered a scribbled note or letter tucked into the pages. So, when I discovered Green Apple Books shortly after moving to SF, I knew I’d found a second home. I almost never go in with a certain title in mind, but always come out with a stack that quickly make their way on to my favorites list. The staff is incredibly helpful and seems to know every book in the store from front to back.


The Library! It’s free, and you can request books to be sent to your local branch so you don’t have to go all the way across the city for it.”
– Maryanne Higgins

“Not only is Adobe an awesome bookstore, they always have cool art in the back gallery.”
– Alexander Nigon

“Every time I go into City Lights I’m reminded of how awesome San Francisco is.”
– Jonathan Spanner

"Have a special place in my heart for Borderlands and their hairless Sphinx cats!"

"Green Apple Books on Clement!!! I could get lost in there for days!"
– Nikki Marucut

"Green Apple Books as well. They just installed 5 bike racks in what used to be a metered parking space in front of the store. Talk about taking care of your customers!"
– Kyle Crossman

"Just came back from Green Apple Books... Good place for getting lost on a rainy afternoon :)"
– Helena Celdrán Green

"I adore Browser Books in Pacific Heights. it is everything a small bookstore should be - tiny, crowded, friendly and full of finds."
– Suzanne Budd

“I have to admit, since I got my Kindle, I haven’t stepped foot in an actual bookstore. I am reading a lot more, though!”
– Catherine Kreeger

“I like hunting through the book section in ThriftTown. Wow do you find some weird stuff in there.”
– Maureen McDonnald

“I’ve found some of the most unique book gifts at Chronicle.”
– Amy Baker

“I don’t have the time or patience for a full novel, but I love Juicy News on Fillmore for magazines.”
– Paul Nesmith


Through the veins of our city pumps a never-ending flow of creativity. We’ve seen performances in big venues like the The Warfield on down to the lesser known Viracocha all the way to the not-designed-for-acoustics 16th & Valencia. But it’s not just music that people are sharing, there’s comedy, performance art, and no doubt some stuff we’ve never even heard of (and possibly may be afraid to watch). What live performance is still popping up in your dreams? We’re all ears! Hit us up on Twitter and Facebook.