Scoring an apartment in San Francisco can be harder than trying to get in an ivy league school. You show up to a crowded open house in your best outfit, with a packet of crisp credit reports and rental histories and a checkbook eager to be written in, and you still end up apartment-less and dejected, not to mention to burn wounds you suffered baking your future landlord brownies. Here to save the day is ApartmentList. It’s a Bay Area-based service that combs several listing sights at once and presents them to you in neat little maps and information snippets. The only way to get full access to the site is through Facebook Connect, which allows ApartmentList to create apartment sections based off your preferences.

ApartmentList also asks you a number of questions like:Best 80’s show? (Family Ties, Knight Rider or Cosby Show) and What would be your superpower? (invisibility, teleportation or flight). Apparently, they help narrow down suggestions based off neighborhood descriptions and demographics. Not sure where all the wishful teleporters might live in SF, but sounds like a lively bunch to us.

We’re digging you, ApartmentList, and the answer is Knight Rider.