Although the City of San Francisco may have a different opinion, we’re going to say the only “illegal” thing about the brand spanking new dessert pop-up Street Sweets is how damn delicious it is. But what else is to be expected when one of the treats served here is lovingly referred to as “bacon crack?” Like most pop-ups, Street Sweets announced location the day before they set up (temporary) shop in the Lower Haight a few weekends ago (to avoid being shut down before they even start serving). The sugar-filled event is currently being brought to you by @NoshThis, @eatthelove and JilliIceCream. The three even teamed up to create a super exclusive sundae made of a slice of pie from Eat The Love, a scoop of ice cream from Jilli and a gooey sauce from Nosh This.

Despite their location down a small alley, Street Sweets was sought out by sweet tooths and addicts alike. Katie Kwan, one half of popular Vietnamese pop-up kitchen Rice Paper Scissors was even caught freebasing some bacon crack.

Photo credit: @kitchensidecar

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