There once was a man from Nantucket, whose name we can never remember and end up having to awkwardly introduce him to friends hoping he’ll take the initiative and say his own name first. Thankfully, for those of us who are faint of mind when it comes to remembering names, there’s a new app about to hit the block called Namerick, which promises, through science, to help you out with your Name Attention Deficiency Disorder.

Ok, so what’s a namerick? According to the creators, it’s “a mnemonic device that utilizes imagery and alliteration to make a name more memorable.” Basically, once you meet someone, you wait for the chance to input their name in to Namerick (it auto-fills using US Census data for faster input), make notes on the person’s profession/relationship to you, then press the Generate Namerick button which generates a memorable imagery and alliteration based off the person’s name. The app will also send you follow up texts reminding you of the person’s name so you can really get it ingrained into those little brain synapses.

Check out the video for a tutorial and inside look at what else the app can do.

Namerick just launched, so download the app for free now. We wouldn't want you to forget later.

We’re digging you, Namerick, now what can you do about helping us remember where we put our sunglasses?