At least hamsters get a whole wheel to run on. Us human gym rats only get a treadmill, and around here, you usually have to wait in line to use it, anyway. But why pay for a gym membership when you’ve got 49 square miles of blood pumping, calorie burning terrain right at your feet? That’s exactly what Kelley Heye asked herself a few years ago before starting Motion Starved, which promotes “physical funness” well outside the sweaty constraints of the gym. She first caught our attention when she held a race against Muni, and now she’s challenging San Francisco to a climb to the moon. It’s just 477,714,000 steps, come on! Luckily, it’s a team challenge where you follow @MoonClimb, then tweet your progress so your contribution can be added to the overall steps count. To get everyone jazzed up and working together, Kelley’s holding stair climbing classes around the city, and recently launched Full Moon Fitness Walks, as well.

We crashed one of Kelley’s stair climbing classes and then scouted out some of the other beautiful challenges participants will be taking on during their climb to the moon:

All photos by Evelyn Obamos

Pemberton Steps – Twin Peaks

Vulcan Stairway – Near Corona Heights Park

Check out more Motion Starved classes here and get started on your trip to outer space by following @MoonClimb now.