Just thinking about going to the gym can bring on a fever that renders me unable to even attempt to mount a Stairmaster (funny how that happens!). A few weeks ago, we introduced you to Motion Starved, which is changing the way you view exercise by using the entire city as your personal gym. Majestic views and working out with friends are certainly motivations to get the old sneaks laced up, but what about the times we’re sweatin’ solo? We asked Motion Starved’s creator, Kelley Heye, to find out:

How can we get pumped up for a work out?!

Don’t think about it. Just get up and go!

Set short term goals/motivations for yourself; like you have a date tonight and you want to look and feel good.

Give yourself something to look forward to during the workout: a new jogging route to explore, a new playlist to listen to, etc.

Create an adventure, so you forget you’re even working out. Go on a trail run, dust your bike off, explore a new staircase.

Remember that you’re not going to be exercising forever. Set a time for how long you’re going to work out, then give it your all until the buzzer goes off.

Kelley, herself, is quite motivating. Check out all the “physical funness” over at Motion Starved.