If our city had its very own typefont, what would it look like? That’s what Robbie de Villiers and Jeremy Dooley, from Chatanooga, TN, asked each other in the Fall of 2011. The two came up with a font they feel embodies their beloved little city and have launched a Kickstarter campaign to start integrating the font in to everything from bike lanes to airport signage.

So this got me thinking about San Francisco’s official font:

Would it be like the vintage block letters on our street signs?

Would it be like the strong, thorny font of our champion Giants?

Maybe something a little street inspired?

What about the circus-y yellow letter of The Saloon, the city’s oldest bar?

Or possibly the retro swirls that make up Muni’s logo?

What do you think San Francisco’s font looks like? Argue it out over on Twitter or Facebook.