In a city of know-it-alls who love to drink, trivia night at the local watering hole can be a godsend. It’s the perfect way to blow off mid-week steam and put that random knowledge to good use, whether it comes from NPR, ESPN, or Us Weekly.

But with so many pub quizzes operating all over the city, it can be hard to keep track of when and where to get in on the action. So we put together a master schedule of the best quizzes happening near you (no, really, you're welcome). Now there’s nothing standing between you, Tuesday night, and the type of brain-melting trivia that only a cold pint can cure.


Shotwell’s (Mission), 3349 20th St., 8pm
Minx (Lower Nob Hill), 827 Sutter St., 9pm
Asiento (Mission), 2730 21st St., 8:30pm
Nickie’s (Lower Haight), 466 Haight Street., 8:30pm


The Bitter End (Inner Richmond), 441 Clement St., 9pm
Mad Dog in the Fog (Lower Haight), 530 Haight St., 9pm
The Boardroom (North Beach), 1609 Powell St., 8:30pm
Edinburgh Castle Pub (Civic Center), 950 Geary St., 8:30pm
Elixir (Mission), 3200 16th St., 9pm
Martin Macks (Haight-Ashbury), 1568 Haight St., 8:30pm
Monaghan’s (Marina), 3243 Pierce St., 8pm
Valley Tavern (Noe Valley), 4054 24th St., 8pm
Church Key (North Beach), 1402 Grant Ave., resuming 9pm April 3


The Pig & Whistle (Laurel Heights), 2801 Geary Blvd., 8:30pm
Danny Coyle's (Lower Haight), 668 Haight St., 8pm
Tonic (Russian Hill), 2360 Polk St., 8pm
Blur (Civic Center), 1121 Polk St., 8:30pm
The Napper Tandy (Mission), 3200 24th St., 8:30
Bus Stop (Marina), 1901 Union St., 8pm
Eastside West Restaurant and Bar (Marina), 3154 Fillmore St., 8pm
Swank (Lower Pac Heights), 488 Presidio Ave., 7:30pm


Mad Dog in the Fog (Lower Haight), 530 Haight St., 9pm
Elephant & Castle (Financial District), 424 Clay St., 6:30pm
Polo Grounds (SOMA), 747 3rd St., 7pm
Rogue Ales Public House (North Beach), 673 Union St., 8pm
Tee Off Bar (Outer Richmond), 3129 Clement St., 8:30pm


540 Club (Inner Richmond), 540 Clement St., 8pm