By Allie Pape

It's hard to believe that less than two years ago, Off the Grid was just a handful of food trucks gathered against a Fort Mason retaining wall. Today, the superheroic street-food organizers run 12 weekly markets in the Bay Area, working with over 60 vendors to feed nearly every conceivable type of cuisine to the hungry masses. That said, the Fort Mason market is still the jewel in the OTG crown, with an average of 8,000 people attending each Friday night. (That's a LOT of tacos.)

For this year's market, Off the Grid has introduced nine new vendors, bringing the weekly total to a whopping 34 trucks and booths. Additionally, every single Off the Grid vendor has created a special dish that's only available at the Friday night market. So we tested the limits of our stomachs by sampling seven of the nine new sauce-slingers (the other two, Cholita Linda and Gohan, rotate biweekly), as well as two established trucks' special Friday-night items. Next time, we're bringing Maalox.

New vendors:

Pork tamale from Alicia's Tamales Los Mayas

Chicken katsu torta with citrus aioli from Fogcutter SF

Avocado and kaffir lime popsicle from Fat Face

Doubles (Trinidadian flatbread sandwiches with chickpeas, mango chutney, and hot sauce) from AK Double Up

Vietnamese lemongrass chicken bowl with spicy garlic sauce from
Bombzie's BBQ

Crispy wax moth larvae tacos from Don Bugito (And yes, they're actually delicious!)

Angry Korean wings from Wing Wings

Friday-night specials:

Fried ravioli topped with chicken tikka masala from Curry Up Now

Brisket mechado with garlic rice from Hapa SF

And to wash it all down:

The Off the Grid signature cocktail (bourbon, hibiscus, rosewater, and grapefruit) from Alembic