Most of us are familiar with the good ‘ol seven by seven that makes up our fine city. But knowing where Bernal Heights is located on a map does not a cartographer make. There are many ways to look at the city through new eyes, whether apocalyptic, abstract, or data-driven. We let our inner map nerd loose and rounded up the best of creative, surprising, and downright scary maps of SF. Do you really know where you are right now?

The year is 2072, the ice caps have melted, and seawater levels have risen to flood the city. See if your apartment still stands or if it’s time to invest in a houseboat with this futuristic map.

Scared yet? Here's an apocalyptic map of horror across the city, where Jim Morrison in the Midst of Fevers replaces SOMA and abandoned avenues stretch for miles.

See where SF cityfolk ride to and from in this cool transportation visualization.

Speaking of locals, here's where we snap our photos versus where tourists enjoy their Kodak moments (blue is for locals, red is for tourists). Looks like visitors to SF are all over the Bridge, the Ferry Building and the Cliff House, while locals prefer to photograph their lattes in the Mission, SOMA, and on Divis.

Check this literary map of words and phrases inspired by and written in SF, from authors such as Dashiell Hammett, Philip K. Dick, Hunter S. Thompson and Jack Kerouac. Maya Angelou said it best: "I became dauntless and free of fears, intoxicated by the physical fact of San Francisco."

Crime data reflected as elevation shows bizarre peaks and valleys, with features such as the towering Mt. ‘Loin in the TL and the Mission Mountain Range and covering everything from prostitution and drugs to car theft and vandalism.

Finally, an amazing secret map of San Francisco history by local artist Deth P. Sun, complete with behind-the-scenes info (did you know there was a cemetery under City Hall?) and notes about the creative process.