It was only a matter of time. People from across the nation have been crushing on San Francisco’s restaurant scene for years, making our chefs famous, copying our food styles, and doing cartwheels over our sloppy seconds. It’s only logical that the next step would be a full-length feature film, chronicling the highs and low of running Cinquecento, a fictional San Francisco restaurant.

It’s an indie flick called Trattoria, and it was filmed almost entirely in the former Zinnia space in North Beach. The movie is billing itself as a “restaurant version of Sideways,” a lighthearted look at the tribulations of the back and front of house in an upscale Italian joint. Challenges include the arrival of the critic, competing against trendy new-school restaurants, and the hero trying not to succumb to an all-consuming workaholic mentality. There is also a heartwarming father-son subplot, sure to melt away your inner cynic.

It may not be groundbreaking cinema, but the trailer looks charming, and the movie was an Official Selection at the Sonoma Film Festival. Honestly, we’re suckers for anything where you might catch a glimpse of familiar landmarks, or hear mention of something insider-y (Admit it, that’s the only reason you sat through that Drew Barrymore/Justin Long fluff-fest). So bring it on, Trattoria: we promise to be kind!

There’s no word yet on when it will be released in the city, but keep an eye on the official website for updates.