Hey there urban homesteaders. Close the door on your canned tomatoes, set aside the butter churn, and make sure your backyard bees aren’t swarming the neighbor’s poodle. In this city, it seems like everyone knows the do-it-yourself basics, pickling their own beets and jarring preserves with the best of them. But Workshop SF, that breezy workspace on the corner of Baker and McAllister, offers a selection of next-level classes; let’s call them DIY 2.0. Here’s a roundup of some upcoming offerings:

  • Learn to Brew Ginger Beer. Making your own hoppy IPA is so 2008, you guys. The hardcore DIY set is on to bigger and better things, a la home-brewing ginger beer. Not only is this the perfect touch for whipping up Dark and Stormys at your next cocktail mingler, the course instructor will provide you with “a little baggy of natural psychoactive herbs for use in making your own batch of ‘gruited’ beer.” Sounds illicit.

  • Glass Jar Terrariums. Nothing screams Portlandia more than tiny, delicate craftsmanship, a la making your own glass terrarium displays. Think of it like a diorama for the design-loving grownup, using supplies like apothecary and Mason jars and “woodland cake toppers.” Find your muse.

  • Booze Bottle Lamps. The class title leaves very little room for confusion. You take empty booze bottles (you certainly have these lying around somewhere), rig them up with electric power, and voila: booze bottle lamps. Any questions?

  • Intro to Hand Tools, Power Tools, and Making Stuff. This sounds like a really rad workshop, kind of like high school shop class retooled for the hip set. The subject matter is great, and the teachers have serious creds, e.g. building Anthropologie’s window displays and designing The Bold Italic’s fresh new space. Not to be missed.

  • Scented Soy Candles. Don’t snicker, these bad boys run upwards of $20 bucks at yuppie supply stores like Williams Sonoma. At this class, you’ll not only get to bring home 4 to 6 long-lasting, powerfully scented candles, you’ll also get the skills to keep your home loganberry-fresh for all eternity. Give a man a fish.