by Carlee Gomes

Who says chicks with french manicures are the only ones who get to drink pomegranate martinis? I don’t know about you guys, but lately, this Scout’s been noticing a happy trend: it seems like all over the city, more and more men are raising their glasses with a pink drink in hand. And why shouldn’t they be? SF is the land of sexual freedom and opportunity—err, or something like that—and ubiquitous acceptance is the very fabric of our civic identity here. So along those lines, we thought we’d round up some of the girliest drinks in the city, that anyone (and everyone!), including your muscly construction worker friend, should drink loud and proud.

1. Pleasant Evening from Rickhouse
If there’s one thing Rickhouse knows, it’s libations. They take their cocktail-making seriously, and the proof is in the pudding (or, drink, as it were). The steely-eyed, tatted-up gents behind the bar have a no-fuss, no-muss kind of attitude because they’re there for one thing, and one thing only: to serve you expertly prepared, deliciously crafted drinks. But that doesn’t mean they don’t have a softer side. The politely named “Pleasant Evening” is (quite precisely) 1/2 ounce of crème de cassis, 3/4 ounce of fresh grapefruit juice, 2 dashes of peach bitters, topped with 3 ounces of brut sparkling wine. All served in an old school champagne coupe with a grapefruit peel to garnish. Order one of these sweet thangs the next time you’re out and get Betty Draper on everyone’s ass.

2. The Summer of Love from Level III Restaurant & Bar
Made with Hangar One Mandarin Blossom vodka, rose water syrup, Lillet Blanc, and Chambord (excuuuuuuse ME), stirred and served up with a lemon zest rose, this love potion will have you seeing through rose-colored glasses for the evening. You’ll be in good barman hands to boot, as the cocktail menu at Level III was designed (and carefully curated) by none other than local master mixologist H. Joseph Ehrmann. So drink up, but don’t hold us accountable when you kiss a cop down at 34th and Vine.

3. The Milk of Millennia from Cantina
A mix of leblon cachaça pura, cedilla açai liqueur, muddled mint and ginger, lemon, and agave nectar, the Milk of Millenia is an aromatic arousal of your senses from the moment you take your first sip. Not only are the ingredients in this one fun to say, but this South American-inspired concoction is mixology (without the snobbery) at its best – made with some of the finest spirits around that the folks at Cantina work hard to bring straight to your taste buds. Sit at the refurbished school desks in the back, drink your milk, and be happy you’re not in 2nd grade anymore.

4. Snow Job from Jon Colins
Well this has to be good from the sound of it, doesn’t it? Lucky for us (and maybe the guy next to you) the Snow Job delivers. Made with acai vodka – get shwasted and get your daily dose of anti-aging antoxidants while you’re at it! – lime, pomegranate syrup (more antioxidants), and Sprite, you can practically feel yourself getting younger with every sip. What’s more, the menu at JC promises that this drink will have the ladies “down on their knees” (ahem), and it’s our belief that you fellas should get right down there with ‘em (ahem, ahem).

5. P.I.N.K. Me Up from Bliss Bar (use your 'Mob connections)
Did you know that 7-Up is still around? Me neither. But if you can get past that, you’ll find that over at Bliss Bar they’re putting the universe’s last couple cases of 7-Up to good use. Made with PINK Energy Vodka (this is a thing?), X-Rated Passion Fruit, 7-Up, and served up, the “P.I.N.K. Me Up” is designed to keep you, well...UP. And this phosphorescent concoction delivers on its name, and its promise with a power punch of pink energy to keep you up ‘til your Tuesday finally gets the best of you.

6. Pebbles Champagne Cocktail from Fifth Floor
​Bar manager Morgan Young taps into our 6th grade obsession with Pop Rocks with her champagne cocktail, very appropriately named “Pebbles.” But lucky for us, she’s removed the high-fructose overdose the candy is famous for, and replaced it with lots of delicious alcohol instead. WIN! Orange curaçao, peach bitters, a grapefruit twist, and a sugar cube are shwizzled together with Gloria Ferrer Rosé in a symphony of sweet/tart goodness that satisfies that childhood Coca-Cola and Pop Rocks jones with a decidedly adult adaptation.

7. Cotton Candy Cocktail from Straw
If you’re a person, you probably like carnival food. Plain and simple. This is a fact the folks over at Straw decided to make the most of, serving up (slightly) elevated carney fare, with a gluten-free menu to boot (they had me at “funnel cake”). And a carnival just wouldn’t be complete without some cotton candy. Enter Straw’s Cotton Candy Cocktail. A glass filled with their in-house-made, pink, sugary love clouds is doused (tableside!) in sparkling wine and double-barrel-aged sake. It’s what unicorns would taste like if you could drink them...and they were made of alcohol. (Minus the part when those pesky, glittery mane hairs get caught in your throat.)

8. Beso from Azúcar Lounge (use your 'Mob connections)
The best kinds of kisses are the ones that are sumptuous and sweet, but include a little bit of a kick at the end...ya know what I’m sayin’? And the Beso (Spanish for “kiss”) at Azúcar Lounge is just that. Made with muddled strawberries, jalapeno peppers (aka “the kick”), vodka, citrus, and mint, this spicy sweet elixir will have you begging for more before you even finish your first run (not unlike a really fantastic kiss). Even better, you can use your ‘mob right now to get the most bang for your Beso buck, and really go to town. (Pardon me while I make out with my drink.)

9. The Belle from American Cupcake (or basically anything on their menu)
I’m not one for eating my cake and drinking it, too, but if we’re gonna go girly, let’s go all the way. One look at American Cupcake (or their menu), and you know you’re in for some toothache-inducing, tasty goodness. And their cocktail menu is nothing short of a cavity all on its own. Which brings us to “The Belle”: key lime liqueur, sweet cream, graham cracker, torched marshmallow float (ok, SOLD), and lime—basically Paula Deen’s (in)famous key lime pie in a glass—served up, and by “up” I mean, served along with that little voice in your head telling you you’ll need to go to the gym tomorrow after you finish this drink.

10. Kona Cocktail from Smuggler’s Cove
What’s girly about pirates and stinky barrels of rum, you ask? Well, nothing really. But the “Kona Cocktail” at Smuggler’s Cove, made with muddled pineapple, passion fruit, a touch of honey, and dark Jamaican rum, is a delightfully delicate mixture of yummy rumness right in the middle of every guy’s Pirates-of-the-Caribbean-fantasy of a bar. What’s more, the “Kona Cocktail” is served with an orchid set daintily afloat in the glass so you can really flex your man drinking muscles while you power down this pineapple punch. Don’t worry, though. All that girliness is tempered by the Davey Jones decor and the mountains of rum barrels staring you down.

So whether you're man, woman, Paula Deen, or pirate, these drinks are delectable enough that everyone should drink them loud, and drink them proud—perhaps with their pinkies raised? (Jussayin’.)

Carlee Gomes is a fashion forward girl-about-SF who specializes in style, (gluten-free) food and wine by the bottle.