by Lucy Schiller

Ok, we know that last week we told you all about where to break up in San Francisco. But don't think for a moment we're downers on the whole lovey-dovey thing. We like a visit to smooch castle as much as the next person. And while SF's summer weather doesn't always inspire a late-evening picnic under the fading strains of the setting sun, the chill and fog of a true SF July do have a goosebumped, cuddle-inspiring charm. Whether you've snagged your sweetie on OKCupid or by repeatedly purchasing their expertly-pulled double espressos, the hard part -- keeping them by your side for warmth, er, loving company, has just begun.

Below, then, are 10 places any self-respecting San Franciscan would want to be wooed this summer, myself included (so plan on sharing that blanket). Shoot off a well-crafted text and let the romance begin.

1. Wave Organ: Nothing says romance like a great nighttime view of SF from a Marina jetty, the sound of an ocean gurgling around you. Yep, gurgling. This auditory experience of a sculpture channels ocean water into a series of pipes to surround lovey-dovey explorers with watery hisses and burbles.

2. SF Flower Mart: A veritable labyrinth of all things floral nestled deep in SOMA, the SF Flower Mart is stomping grounds for florists and the like before 10 am, for anxious brides-to-be and their mothers/wedding planners after that. As the mart rolls on, the prices roll down, though fallen flowers litter the floor, just waiting for a creative eye to assemble them into an uber-romantic on-date gift.

3. Garden for the Environment: Getting down and dirty your thing? The Inner Sunset’s hidden one-acre demonstration garden blooms with possibilities, from weekend classes on jam- making and herb-preserving to possibly the loveliest bench in the city, tucked under a vine-covered arbor among fragrant fruit trees.

4. Chocolate Covered: This tastily odorous Noe Valley chocolate shop specializes in handmade cyanotype goodie boxes featuring San Francisco street signs. Pick your dream street, eat a truffle, plan your life together.

5. Corona Heights: Snag a seat on the rusty red chert outcroppings at sunset, look out on all of San Francisco flattened below, and realize you may be the at the best makeout spot in SF.

6. Harry Denton’s Starlight Room: Upon typing in the name of this loungy nightclub at the top of the Sir Francis Drake Hotel, Google aptly suggests an addition of “dress code.” Live crooners drown out any chance of conversation and there’s a rather skewed ratio of European businessmen to SF natives; nevertheless, where else can you sip cocktails served by waitresses in turtlenecked satin evening gowns?

7. Skatin’ Place: Join a real cross- section of the city skating choreographed routines to “Thriller” on a patch of asphalt in Golden Gate Park. Though such a date may be rife with potential for embarrassment, the people-watching is great, you get to grab for your beloved’s hand in hopes of staying upright, and lush nooks exist nearby for needed respite.

8. Alemany Farm: Yeah, a jaunt up to Napa isn’t exactly the most feasible – or casual – idea for a first date. Luckily, 4.5 acre Alemany Farm, nestled into the South side of Bernal Heights, has just the ticket—regular community workdays, a sweeping estate of organic plantings and fruit trees, and regular festivals and concerts.

9. The Cake Gallery: Specializing in impossibly x-rated cakes (one likely crowd-pleaser is listed as the “Sheep Lover”), the Cake Gallery is a thirty-year old jewel in Folsom Street’s raunchy crown. Their storefront makes for a giggly, slightly uncomfortable date – the best kind.

10. Seward Street Slides: Shy souls rejoice! Finding your intended is hard enough; letting them know how you feel is a whole different story – one that can be told through extremely vague metaphor, thanks to the Seward Street slides. Climb up to great heights, grasp hands, and zoom down together into the unknown. If they don’t get what you’re trying to say…do it again.