We recently learned that Kink.com is branching out into the world of education, starting with a hands- on AP Biology Strap-on Play class. After we got over our giggle fits, we remembered something important: user-friendly sexuality workshops may be new to Kink.com, but iconic local sex shop Good Vibrations has been offering them for years.

That’s right, Good Vibrations, the 35-year-old boutique for all things sexytime, gives regular classes ranging from the practical (lube, blow-jobs) to the personal (sexual empowerment for women). Unsurprisingly, their educational approach is similar to their overall ethos: mellow, fem-friendly, and geared towards newbies.

So before Kink.com dazzles you with their sure-to-be-intense course roster, take a look at some upcoming classes at Good Vibrations’ Polk Street location.

BDSM 101: Intrigued by the idea of a little rough play, but afraid to make the leap? This playful, fully clothed workshop will gently guide you through the basics about how to spice up your love life with bondage and “power exchange.”

Throwing/Attending a Sex Party: Don’t be put off by the manic grin of the instructor; he’s a trained professional. Sex educator Reid Mihalko will discuss common etiquette at “play parties,” establishing ground rules with your partner before a party, and how to avoid that creepy guy in the corner who looks like Nick Cage’s sleazy cousin. Our favorite line in the class description: If the relationship status "It's Complicated" means something fun to you, this workshop might be just what you're looking for!

Booty Basics: It’s pretty simple, people—this class is about butts. This includes basic anatomy, warm-up techniques (use your imagination), and using lubes and toys for the most bootylicious experience.

Bedroom Body Moves – From Stripping to Seduction to Sex (Women Only): In this class, the instructor (who looks like a detective on CSI) will give you the ABCs of exotic dance seduction, including lap dances, chair moves, and much more. And don’t worry about nudity: they suggest you wear a swimsuit under your clothes!

For a full list of course offerings, click here. And for all you history buffs, don’t forget Good Vibrations’ antique vibrator museum!