by Lucy Schiller

Post July 4th boredom has struck. Why are there no summer holidays past that fireworked frenzy of a night? Turns out there are, actually, quite a few, they’re just not well-known (Ratcatcher’s Day being a prime example). Below: seven under-the-radar holidays to keep your spirits high, sustain the holiday twinkle in your eye, and keep the eggnog/ punch/whiskey flowing.

July 19: Flitch Day
Why, why, why has this tradition not survived? Flitch Day, in days of yore, rewarded couples who could prove that they had made it through a happy year of peaceful matrimony with an actual piece of bacon. That’s right, bacon for good behavior. Got a faithful friend? Bequeath them their hard-earned porky prize at Bacon Bacon.

July 22: Parent’s Day
Most of us out here are rather far-flung from the nest, probably intentionally so. Nevertheless, those two fine folks who brought us into the world, made it possible for us to sip bacon Bloody Marys at the 500 Club (add that to July 19th’s agenda), and regularly text us ill-formed emoticons deserve a little recognition. Raise one up at Dear Mom, then round it out at Pop’s.

July 22: Ratcatcher’s Day
Anyone biking through Golden Gate Park late at night has seen them: rats so plump and audacious you find yourself worrying about hitting one in the middle of the road. Disgusting. While Ratcatcher’s Day traditionally commemorates the legend of the Pied Piper rather than the fine efforts of pest control folks, you can at least do yourself a rather neurotic favor and celebrate by checking out the health inspection scores of the city’s restaurants at

July 23: National Hot Dog Day
As if you needed an actual day to celebrate salty dogs or their strange proliferation in San Francisco. Da Beef slams out real-deal Chicago dogs with the classically unnatural green relish, Rosamunde does it fancy with wild boar, sauerkraut, and crunchy buns, and the Inner Richmond’s Frankenart Mart hosts monthly free hot dog and rootbeer days in their tiny, hobbity art space. Don’t forget Underdog, the Inner Sunset’s source for organic, often grass-fed dawgs.

July 28: National Day of the Cowboy
Chaps can run pretty pricey in these parts, but check out the Castro’s aptly-named source for all things leather in celebration of life on our very urban range. Two bars may help with that deeply-rooted thirst for whiskey you’ve got going: the Homestead, where you’re branded a-ok for discarding peanut shells on the floor, and the Comstock Saloon, home to such dusty old favorites as hangtown toast and pig in a biscuit, not to mention the Barkeep’s Whimsy. Still longing for a Stetson? Head to the Mission’s OK Corral to suit up.

August 7: National Lighthouse Day
Book it now – lighthouse enthusiasts across the state, nay, across the nation, may very well flock to two gleaming beacons in our very own backyard. Both the Pigeon Point and Montara lighthouses double as hostels, meaning you can celebrate NLD in full-blown sleepover style.

August 10: National S’mores Day
Summer is s’mores season, there’s no doubt about it. Pick up pre-packaged local S’Mores from Philz or make your own the old way, sans mosquitos, over the kitchen stove.