In case you haven't noticed, we here at Scoutmob have an unhealthy obsession with bikes. We ride 'em, we love 'em (and yes, we get annoyed at maverick intersection bandits, just like the rest of you). So when I caught sight this new Awesome Thing, I needed to get the word out ASAP.

What's the hardest part about biking in the city? Going up and down the sadistic hills that could make even hardcore Dutch cyclist moms blanch. The Faraday Porteur, designed by a team at Palo Alto design firm/ubermensch IDEO, solves this local issue handily by going electric: try saying "patent-pending pedal-assist" 10 times fast and you'll get an idea of how excited I am right now. You can switch between electric and regular with a handy thumb switch, and recharge this bad girl by plugging it into a standard outlet for just 45 minutes.

As if the super-human uphill boost isn't enough, the Faraday has a front rack that hits the perfect balance between function and fancypants good looks, and LED lights that are sure to freeze deer, squirrels and attractive single people in their tracks (I may be projecting a little here). Faraday's just announced a new range of colors, of which "Mint" is the most likely to turn me towards a life of organized crime to pay for my bike habit. In the looks department, these bikes are like your boyfriend's beautiful best friend: you want to be friends with her, you want to be her, and you want everything in her closet, dammnit.

Okay, sooooo it is a bit pricey, but if you've got $3,500 laying around, this might just be the thing to burn your bills on (and it doesn't come out until Spring 2013, so you've got time to close out your retirement account). Don't believe me? Watch this charming video, shot on the streets of SF, and you'll be a convert in no time. And if by any chance you find yourself with a spare Faraday you're not using, can I borrow it for a test drive down to Mexico?

- Rose Garrett