by Carlee Gomes

It’s 11 am. Do you know what you're doing this Saturday? Well you can take that panicked look off your face because we’ve got you covered‒until the evening when you’ll be free to make all kinds of bad decisions for your Saturday night.

Your Saturday days, on the other hand, (at least one a month, for now) just got a whole lot more interesting and delicious. Cut to: The Meet Market at SoMa’s very own Bluxome Street Winery. Mmm, “The Meet Market”...that sounds promising, eh? And this one-of-a-kind farmers’ market on San Francisco’s historic Bluxome Street is indeed a step up above the rest.

Ok, ok. I know there are a million farmers’ markets all over the city (not that that’s a problem), and if there’s one thing that SF knows how to do, it’s farmers’ markets. You really can’t go wrong with a single one of them. So why do we need another one, and what makes this one so great? Well, for starters, it’s in a winery.


Just kidding. (But seriously, I could have just stopped there and we would’ve been set.) First impressions are everything, and at The Meet Market, you’re immediately greeted with the offer of a selection of some of Bluxome’s mouth-watering wines right as you walk in the door. (You had me at, “Would you like‒”.)

Pinot in hand, you’re free to browse the working winery turned indoor farmers’ market space at your leisure. In a sleek and industrial, yet warm and convivial space surrounded by stacked barrels and expansive skylit ceilings, the folks at Bluxome have delivered a highly-curated selection of hyper-local, thoughtfully sourced farmers and purveyors offering up some of freshest and most delectable goodies in the Bay Area.

For example, stop by Sumana’s Soul Spreads for some serious South Indian staples that are insanely fresh and equally as comforting. You’ll leave feeling like you’ve got your very own South Indian Fairy Godmother to watch over you and make you deliciously nutritious comfort food whenever you’re in need of some soul fuel. (Try the kale spread‒a drool-worthy way to get a healthy dose of those antioxidants everyone’s been nagging you about.)

Or head over to Paulie’s table, where you’ll find an impressive offering of east-coast-inspired pickles from the self-described “cali-jewish” deli located right here in Bernal Heights. And believe you me, these pickles speak for themselves, and Paulie is more than willing to facilitate the conversation with some samples. This Scout can’t get enough of the “Zesty Original” pickles, or the Spicy Green Beans, which are just plain wrong they’re so good.

And that doesn’t even scratch the surface of all that The Meet Market has to offer. It’s this careful curation of goods from local artisans, farmers, cooks, and just all-around nice people, set amidst an open and inviting space that puts The Meet Market a cut above the rest. That, and the fact that you can sip on delicious wine as you rub elbows with the locals, sample morsels from each table, and chat it up with some of the friendliest movers and shakers on the local farm/food scene here in the city. You’ll feel more like you’re attending a fabulous party and less like you’re doing your grocery shopping.

So mark your calendars! You can meet at The Meet Market on the last Saturday of each month, and take part in the most feel-good farmers’ market around, in one of San Francisco’s chicest winery spaces. Did we mention it's in a winery? (Oh, and it’s fire station adjacent. Double win.)

For a full list of farmers and purveyors at Bluxome’s Meet Market, head here.

Carlee Gomes is a fashion forward girl-about-SF who specializes in style, (gluten-free) food and wine by the bottle.