SF has had its share of thrills and chills this year, so why not celebrate Halloween with an SF-inspired costume and win extra style points? Here are our 8 picks for most relevant SF costumes of the year.

1. A plastic bag. With SF's plastic bag ban going into full effect on October 1, plastic bags are officially the scary monsters of grocery carryalls. And they're as easy a costume as they are a nefarious influence on the Earth's environment. Grab those old bags balled up under the kitchen sink, sew or staple them all over some comfortable white/grey clothes, and you're ready to go. Bonus costume idea: grab two friends and dress them as a paper bag and a cloth tote bag. Then add some black eyes and blood, and break into bag-on-bag fisticuffs for the duration of the evening.

2. Ross Mirkarimi. SF's newish Sheriff has dibs on political scandal of the year, and everyone knows that political scandals are Halloween gold (ahem, Lewinsky). The Board of Supervisors just voted (sort of) to reinstate Mirkarimi after domestic violence charges hit early this year, and we're voting to elect your former District 5 Supe for SF costume of the year; his recognizable greying coiffure, glasses and suit make this look easy, functional, and sure to create controversy.

3. The double rainbow. We laughed, we cried, we Instagrammed … We saw a beautiful double rainbow this September. Relive the memories and revel in the irony of the lightning fast meme machine making this costume an ironic throwback … already. We're thinking something along the lines of Mariah Carey's Rainbow album cover … doubled, of course.

4. Tim Lincecum. Postseason heroics aside, Little Timmy has been a big disappointment on the Giants roster this year, and his distinctive hair and easily recognizable get-up make him a perfect contender to join the ranks of the undead this Halloween. Just throw on a wig, baseball cap, and hangdog expression, and add zombie effects or vampire teeth according to personal preference. Even in the off-season, Timmy will haunt your dreams.

5. PG&E SmartMeter. Electricity! Privacy concerns! A change to how things were! These are scary things, folks. The past year's installation of wireless SmartMeters by utilities companies across the nation garnered all sorts of protests. People were scared, outraged, and nauseated. And that's just the effect you want this Halloween costume to have. You'll need to get creative for this one, but we're in favor of an actual meter right smack dab in the middle of your chest, along with scary lightning bolts emanating out from the center. No idea where to find one? Neither do we, so plan on getting an artsy friend to Sharpie one on you at the 11th hour.

6. The ABC. The Alcoholic Beverage Control is a scary villain to local bars and restaurants, and it's got the city under its thumb. Watch them cower by dressing as the big bad alcohol enforcer this year (megalomaniacal laughter required). We favor a creative approach (fridge alphabet magnets, anyone?) or the internationally accepted sign of a killjoy (bottle with a circle and line through it). Accessorize with bottles of booze as needed.

7. Kreayshawn. Lord almighty, is this chick still around? We're not sure, but the pint-sized Oakland rapstress has an iconic look and a fun flair that we think warrants raising her from the dead. Go for cat-eye makeup, ginormous earrings and a Minnie Mouse bow, coupled with a baggy t-shirt, high-tops and zombie aftereffects. People will shudder with horror in your wake.

8. Karl the Fog. He's the sassiest layer of moisture in the atmosphere, and he rules the skies as a year-round fixture of SF weather. Pay tribute to the fog gods by dressing as Karl this year. We're imagining a whispy grey beard, grey cloak and sarcastic charm. Possible accessories could include a replica of the sun, imprisoned in some sort of cage.