Now that the dust has settled on a big weekend on the Bay, we've finally processed our Treasure Island experience (we think). Here's what we learned this year.

Public Enemy hates BET, Flava Flav will take that clock off (after 25 years) if they get into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and two random dudes in camp make the best backup dancers, Oh, and they have an album out this year?

Sick of all the ferris wheel photos? We can't help it. This thing is the most photogenic place or thing we've seen. We think of it as the Ryan Gosling of carnival equipment.

Two stages means that you don't technically ever have to move if you plant your blanket equidistant from both. Blankets, bathrooms, and buses all told, this fest is A+ for convenience, comfort, and low-stress good times.

Glow sticks serve an actual functional purpose: to demarcate where people are passed out so that others don't step on them in the such to see M83.

Good music for sleepy time: Tycho, Joanna Newsom

Good music for sexy sleepy time: Youth Lagoon, The xx

Good music for happy face dance aneurisms and blissed-out flailing: Araabmuzik, Porter Robinson, Girl Talk, M83

What do you get when you cross Wet Hot American Summer with Moonrise Kingdom? Workshop SF's Camp DIY.

Uniqlo jackets are like snowflakes … you see one, then you see many, then you start to get really really cold.

Silent discos are where you go to regain your sense of humanity, love your fellow man, and get your groove back.

What makes people in San Francisco break into a dead run? The burning need to Instagram a lovely sunset, of course.

Bear hats, shiny leggings and hula hoops are still, in music festival years, fresh and new.

You can, if you try, put your baby in a tree.

San Francisco is the best city in the world.