We all wept over the loss of foie gras. The rich, buttery flavor that the city’s top chefs were using in unique, sumptuous ways. Foodies around the city, and all over California, were grief-stricken by the sudden disappearance of such a delicacy. But Gourmands/ Epicures, rejoice. Dry your eyes and move forward, because there’s a new sinful treat in town.

Bone marrow, still legal in California, may be just the thing to satisfy your craving for the decadence of foie gras. In a time of nose-to-tail cooking, chefs are increasingly looking to beef bone marrow, the buttery interior of the shank, to entice and surprise their diners. The classic French dish that is delicious simply spread over a piece of toasty baguette, is being interpreted in new and exciting ways, which may be just the antidote for your foie gras cravings.

Bar Alembic: Bone marrow with caper gremolata and garlic confit. Bar Alembic is notorious in San Francisco for it’s bone marrow. They keep things simple with the classic take on marrow. The subtle flavors enhance rather than distract from the simple, yet singular flavors of the marrow.
1725 Haight St.

Beast and the Hare: Shiitake mushroom and bone marrow gratin with grilled toast. Beast and the Hare doesn’t shy away from the richness of bone marrow. The shiitake mushrooms add richness to an already buttery dish. This dish may not be for bone marrow novices, but is a definite stop for the more adventurous on the bone marrow tour.
1001 Guerrero St.

Marlowe: Roasted Bone Marrow with salsa verde and fines herbs. Tangy herbs and acidic salsa are excellent additions to the buttery marrow. Marlowe serves the dish in a rustic ceramic dish accompanied by ample slices of crispy baguette.
330 Townsend St.

BIX: Marrow Bones “St. John”. Don’t shy away from the 15-minute wait time; Bix’s simple marrow is rich, fatty, and unapologetic. Instead of cut lengthwise, as most marrows are, BIX serves their marrow in four portioned logs, grilled to delicate perfection and served with a side of parsley and crostini.
56 Gold St.

Zare at Fly Trap: Bone marrow, turmeric, preserved lime, pumpkin. This unusual combination is a uniquely Persian take on bone marrow. The restaurant pairs each of their dishes with a glass of wine: in this case Prosecco is recommended to balance out the richness of the dish.
606 Folsom St.

Lolinda: Hueso Asado - Bone marrow, crostini, parsley, chile de arbol jelly. Lolinda offers up a large and unpretentious sample of bone marrow. The marrow itself is served with little distraction—simple parsley, Malden sea salt, and a side of spicy sweet jelly are added at your own discretion.
2518 Mission St.

Hog & Rocks: Bone marrow with pickled cauliflower, golden raisins, toast. Hog & Rocks’ bone marrow is arguably one of the best dishes on a menu that includes everything from raw oysters to pork belly. The tangy cauliflower is balanced by the sweetness of the raisins, which perfectly accentuates the rich marrow.
3431 19th St.

Nob Hill Grille: Bone Marrow Still intimidated by bone marrow but want to give it a shot? Try Nob Hill Grille, where they will add it to your burger for an extra $3. You can glimpse the flavor without the intimidation factor of scooping it out of the bone. Or, if you still want it straight up, you can get the marrow served with pickled vegetables and grilled bread.
969 Hyde St.