By Katie Tandy

The San Franciscan summer is rolling’ in on the warm winds of October. It’s beautiful...but baffling! You’re internal clock is ticking. It says you should be hunkering down with hot coffee and a crossword amid tumbling leaves and a big ol’ sweater. But it’s 82 in the shade. Fret not. We’ve rounded up 5 bars that’ll have you feelin’ autumnal in no time. It’s time to get your cozy on—flanked by friends, a fireplace, and board games.

The Little Shamrock
807 Lincoln Way (between 9th and 10th Ave.)

Tucked into Inner Sunset is the rumored second-oldest bar in San Francisco, a gem of a spot that’s boasted cold beer and old-world charm for over a century. Amid the rainbow-ed glow of stained-glass lamps, grab a seat at one of the well-worn wooden chairs at the bar, best your bestie at the old backgammon tables against the back wall or grab a seat by the fire, chanting Jenga! as the flames flicker high. Feelin’ pensive? Take a gander at the endless ephemera that cover the walls - from paintings to posters to flags and trophies. Best yet, if all that Cranium has you hankering for a well-deserved dinner break, you can grab take-out (Mediterranean from Yumma or a slice from Pasquale’s) and bring it right on in. There’s also free popcorn and darts. Be sure to bring some bills though; this spot is cash only.

The Riptide
(415) 681-8433

Combining the rustic romance of a salty sailor’s saloon with the badass, so what swagger of a surfer dude, The Riptide is an ideal sipping spot on a grey, rainy day, a a mere stone-throw from the Pacific. Grab the Battleship box and salute your comrades; while they’ll run the gamut from lithe hipsters to gnarly 60-somethings, everyone is just gunning for a good time. The brick fireplace roars as rowdy revelers gather for live music, free greasy grub and a slew of surf and snowboard videos projected onto a giant screen. A stuffed moose looms large in the shadows keeping watch over vintage photographs, an ancient register and big driftwood tables. Open Mic Mondays (8:30- midnight) is a prime boogying time while Alisha serves up fresh fare on “Home Cookin’ Fridays,” and Saturdays boast bingo. Bring your game face, a rumbly belly and a solid round of applause; there’s never a cover for any of the bands.

Bacchus Kirk
925 Bush St (between Jones St. and Taylor St.)
(415) 474-4056

This pint-size spot in Outer Sunset is brimming come-hither coziness. Channeling the dark warmth of a ski lodge, Bacchus Kirk features a fireplace, a pool table, and a killer Jukebox serving up a delectable selection of ditties from toosh-shakin’ pop to glass- clinkin’ rock. Smoke when you drink? Flee the fireside chat for a few breaths of fresh air in the gated patio out front; and yes you can bring your pint with ya. Here at Bacchus you can sip more seriously, swilling everything from moonshine corn whiskey with ginger beer to a tall glass of Delerium Tremens. Sunday features a sure-to-please 2 for 1 deal all day...but everyday till 8 you can snag $3.50 pints. Our favorite part? You don’t have to leave Fido at home; Bacchus is delightfully dog friendly. Just make sure to bring a few treats; both you and your pooch may be sittin’ a while.

Zeki’s Bar
1319 California St (between Helen Pl. and Leavenworth St.)
(415) 928-0677

Nestled into Nob Hill is a dreamy pseudo-dive, self-described as the friendliest bar in San Francisco. Between the fireplace, a slew of board games, and a nicely rounded out roster of whiskey, you could sip, sway and Scrabble till the wee hours. Firelight joins the twinkle of candles and the quiet shine of a white chandelier, casting a homey glow across the patrons and the wooden walls. 9-to-5ers in their twenties and thirties comprise most of the carousers and weekends can get kinda packed. Definitely swing by on gusty weeknight and grab the dominoes set. For those who like their surroundings a little sleeker - complete with black leather booths and steel gray walls - Zeki’s is a good bet, straddling that wonderfully strange line between badass basement and lush lounge.

The Kezar Pub
770 Stanyan St (between Beulah St. and Waller St.)
(415) 386-9292

Gather ‘round sports fans. The Kezar Pub is chock full of camaraderie; from the ‘49ers, to European soccer matches and Indy car races, every fever-ed fan stops by to cheer for their team, high-fiving, slapping foreheads, backs, and sobbing into their suds. With more than a dozen wide-screen televisions lining the walls, you’ll have no trouble getting a piece of the action; even the more obscure sporting events like wrestling, boxing, hockey, hurling, and even cricket make their way onto the big screens. Kezar offers up classic pub grub like nachos and wings, but also more exotic fare hailing from Mexico and the Mediterranean. Dig the game but not devoted? Play a round of pool or darts in the back room; you’ll find the fireplace flickering there too. Love people watching? Grab a seat by the big windows overlooking Stanyan basking in the warm glow of a well-mixed cocktail.

Wild Side West
424 Cortland Ave (between Bennington St. & Wool St.)
(415) 647-3099

A little south of dear San Francisco is a wonderland called Wide Side West in Bernal Heights, an eclectic, eccentric swilling spot that is perfect for just about everything: a fireside tete-a-tete with your favorite novel, a boozy alfresco Sunday, or a hold-tight kind of evening complete with on-site nookie. (Rumor has it, Janis made sweet love on piano.) From antiques to kitschy art, a pool table, a juke box, pinball, and a slew of terraced gardens with twinkling lights, you may never want to leave. Frequented by lesbians but loved by all, Wide Side West is as cozy as it carouse-worthy. Did we mention there’s an old stand-up piano and red walls plastered in explorable decor perfect for inducing (or reducing) Autumnal nostalgia?