Pies and biking normally go together in that after you get done eating a whole pie, you feel like you need to bike about 90 miles to burn off the calories; but Natalie Galatzer put the two together a different way. She’s the baker and biker behind Bike Basket Pies and she's bringing her sweet and savory treats to you using local ingredients and an eco-friendly way of getting them from her kitchen, to your mouth.

SCOUT: Mmmmm...pies. Where did the idea for Bike Basket Pies come from?
NATALIE: I’ve always loved baking and have been doing it since I was little. I was waiting tables, but wasn’t exactly happy with that. I would have loved to work in a bakery full time, but then a friend asked me to bake some pies and bring them over to his office, and I thought Hm, maybe I can make something like this work. The main reason people find out about my business is word-of-mouth, so it took a little bit for people to start catching on, but now I have regular customers.

SCOUT: You are all about local when it comes to your ingredients.
NATALIE: Yes, the reason my pie choices rotate is because I only use what’s in season and available locally. I get a lot of my ingredients from plants in backyards where my kitchen is and from friends. I’ll hit the farmers markets too. Because I source my ingredients that way, everything I use is extremely fresh. For my savory pies, I have a little bit more room because a lot of vegetables are in season year-round, so that part of the menu doesn’t fluctuate as much.

SCOUT: Ok pies, we’re totally onboard with you about that, but you deliver the pies on bike. Isn’t that hard?
NATALIE: In San Francisco you really can bike everywhere, and once you get there you don’t have to look for parking, you just find a spot for your bike and lock it up. I have bike panniers that I use to transport the pies, so I just pack those up and I’m ready to go. I think in that respect, biking is easier!

SCOUT: What does a Baker/Biker’s schedule look like?
NATALIE: It can be a lot of work, but it really depends on the orders that I have. There have been times when I wake up at 1 in the morning because I have so much baking I need to get done. Right now, I mainly stick to Tuesday as my delivery day, but that changes too, like if I go out of town. What am I talking about? I don’t go on vacation!

SCOUT: Where do you hope to take Bike Basket Pies?
NATALIE: I just love the fact that I can now spend most of my time doing what I love: baking! I really don’t have plans to expand or open a store. I think once things start getting big, you can lose some of the important stuff. I’m having a good time with what Bike Basket Pies is now.

SCOUT: When you’re not in the kitchen or making deliveries, where can people find you?
NATALIE: Benders is a huge go-to for me. Every Wednesday my friends and I like to convene there and catch up over drinks and food. It’s one of those bars I know I can go into and see at least one person that I know and want to sit down and talk to.

SCOUT: What do you love so much about San Francisco?
NATALIE: I love how I can basically bike all year round. When it’s rainy, I might not totally feel like biking, but it’s easy enough to throw on some fenders and a rain suit and get out there. Bikes make transportation so much easier – easier for me and the environment. I never have to wait for the bus or look for parking and I’m not polluting!

SCOUT: Where can people go to get some of these delicious pies?
NATALIE: My menu and contact information is on my website Bike Basket Pies. On the site you can also find a list of the upcoming events I’ll be attending, then you can come up and get a fresh pie right there, no wait! You can also keep track of me via Twitter @bikebasketpies. I’ll also be at 24th & Alabama near La Victoria on Saturday October 16th from 11 – 3. I’ll be selling my pies to raise money for a friend who has cancer.

The adorable photo of Natalie compliments of Rachel Styer.