Maybe you’ve walked through U.N. Plaza on a Tuesday and wondered what that crowd of people was doing around that pop-up tent, but you didn’t stop to find out, because you weren’t invited. Well, those people were lined up for food being served by a non-profit organization called Curry Without Worry, and you are invited. Jesse Seaver is the President of Curry Without Worry and works tirelessly to secure funding to provide home-cooked, organic meals to everyone who wants a bite.

SCOUT: How, when, where did Curry Without Worry start?
JESSE: The founder of Curry Without Worry, Shrawan Nepali, left his job and started a home for children in Nepal in 2001. It’s called the Ama Foundation. Shrawan grew up in Nepal, but was living in the Bay Area at the time, so he wanted to do something here, too. He started Curry Without Worry in 2006, and this month he’s starting the program in Nepal.

SCOUT: What sort of food do you serve?
JESSE: We serve the same menu every week, which consists of five courses: Nine Bean Sprouted Bean Soup, Vegetable Curry, Rice, Nan Bread Puri, Tomato and Timmur Chutney. We cook at the First Baptist Church on Octavia & Market, and it’s an all day process. At about 10 a.m., volunteers will go around the city grabbing all the ingredients we need, the rest of the day is spent preparing and cooking the food. Everything is made from scratch, so it’s a long process. From 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. we’re driving everything over, serving, then from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. is clean-up.

Here’s video we took of our visit to Curry Without Worry. Every meal is accompanied by drumming and singing

SCOUT: There was a big crowd at the meal when we visited, how many people do you feed?
JESSE: We feed about 200 people every Tuesday and estimate we’ve served almost 25,000 meals since Curry Without Worry started.

SCOUT: Who comes for dinner?
JESSE: The people that come to enjoy a meal with us range greatly. We have people that look forward to this meal every week, because they really need it, we have a lot of students; Curry Without Worry is open to everyone, and we encourage everyone to share a meal with us. It’s great to look around the Plaza and see people of all types sitting next to each other and talking, when they may not have given that person a second glance in another situation.

SCOUT: How can Mobsters help or get involved?
JESSE: Every meal cost $2 to provide, and we have other expenses as well, like renting the church kitchen, maintenance for the truck we use to haul everything, so we always welcome donations. We have a big volunteer base, but it can never hurt to have more helping hands on deck, so feel free to put your name down as a volunteer.