We’ve got some good news, and some bad news. We’ll start with the bad news. Artist Brian Barneclo is seeking funding for his Systems Mural Project which would have him painting a mural on the Crescent Cove Apartments facing Caltrain's rail yard at 7th and Townsend. The estimated cost to complete the project is around $75,000, and unfortunately, the goal wasn’t reached in time for Brian to get started on the mural before the rainy season set in.

But the good news is that he hasn’t given up, and has postponed the project to next summer to allow more time for donations. The Systems Mural home page states “From the solar system to your nervous system—everything’s connected,” and that’s what Brian’s mural will explore: the concept of interconnectivity on a 600 foot mural, so all of San Francisco can explore the connective concept together.

You know what? Why don’t we just shut up and let Brian himself tell you more about it?