About the only thing we have decorating our apartment is an old show poster from The Fillmore. Not exactly exciting. But as The Bold Italic explains, there’s a house in the southwest of the city that’s filled with so many interesting things, the owner actually invites tour groups to come check it out.

Some people have a flare for decorating, and others, well, they turn their homes into museums. Gregangelo is the name of both an artist (who heads up the Velocity Circus Troupe) and a museum out in West Portal – a three-story mind f#@k in fact. You wanna check out his pad? Be prepared to enter "a cosmic kaleidoscope, a surreal space that looks like the lovechild of Cleopatra and Salvador Dali," warns Sara Faith Alterman of The Bold Italic.

Sara spent hours walking through Gregangelo – each room like a parallel universe from a C.S. Lewis book on psychedelics. Sections of the house are decorated floor-to-ceiling in various themes (ancient Egypt, the solstice, the galaxy, an eclipse – are you picking up on the cosmic theme going on here?). Oh, and then there's a room where "puffy orange fluff hangs from the ceiling in tufts, and orange Koosh balls offer their springy little strings. A record player screeches to life and “The Girl From Ipanema” starts playing.

Care to go down the rabbit hole? Gregangelo gives tours of his house by appointment only. A tour lasts approximately two hours, costs $150, and can include up to four people. Visit  www.gregangelo.com  for contact and tour-booking information. Go to The Bold Italic to get the full backstory of Sara’s experiences.