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Ballard Brothers Seafood & Burgers

50% off Ballard Brothers Seafood & Burgers
Scout Notes: Ballard Brothers was winning awards two decades before the Food Truck Revolution and...
Ballard Brothers was winning awards two decades before the Food Truck Revolution and its inevitable backlash. But it is Seattle, and we can’t party all the time, so Ballard Brothers parked their famously funky food truck just north of the Ballard Bridge and set up a fast food restaurant. Here, Drew, creator of the cult-favorite cajun-blackened wild-salmon filet, dishes up sustainable mouthwatering food that brings the festival to your mouth.

Local, sustainable, fast and funky—what’s not to love here? The menu is pretty mammoth, and though the crew here is best known for the salmon, there’s a boatload of other food to behold. Housed in an old Skipper’s haunt, Ballard Brothers is decorated with portholes, one-of-a-kind NOAA posters with seabirds and sailboats, a table reserved for the “Codfathers”—his fish supplier, and the one of the funkiest food trucks you’ll ever see.

The truck has been a fixture at Bumbershoot for 24 years, and in that time, Ballard Brothers has racked up an impressive list of and prominent reviews and awards, including Issaquah Salmon Days, Bite of Seattle (twice), and the Ballard Seafood Festival (lots of times). The secret? Drew came up with the spice mix in 1987 and hasn't changed it since. That's probably why he was the exclusive food supplier to the Rat City Roller Girls before the team moved into Key Arena, and why mayor McGinn continues to seek out that slammin' salmon at the festivals.

Ballard Brothers also keeps it green. They diverted 900 cubic yards of solid waste so far, partly because everything that comes with the meal—cutlery, cups, plates—all goes in the compost or gets recycled. All the fish is wild-caught, sustainable and local. So if you want good food fast without the fast food karma, find your way to Ballard Brothers. If you don't see Drew, it's probably because he's down at Pier 91 picking up 400 pounds of fresh fish.

Menu Highlights:
Milkshakes, $2.50
Cajun or Hawaiian chopped steak burger, $6.99
Hand-breaded deep-fried prawns, $7.50
Cajun-blackened wild salmon filet sandwich, $8.49
Halibut ‘n Chips, $10.41

Monday to Saturday, 11 AM - 9 PM
Sunday, 12 PM - 8 PM