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Whether you’re sipping from a Grant Park koozie or washing up with an East Atlanta soap (necessary after a trip to the Graveyard), there’s something for every ITPer in this collection of local lovin’ goods.

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  • The Original Rucksack
  • Elder Redwood iPhone Speaker
  • Wild Woodland Porcelain Mugs, 2-Pack
  • Beard Oil Trio
  • Aviator Leather Travel Mug
  • Cedar & Sage Man Candle
  • Copper Bear Money Clip
  • Illustrated Beard T-Shirt
  • Chalkboard Wood Tap Handle
  • Lucky Honey Lager Brewing Ingredient Kit
  • Custom Rugged Initial Pint Glasses
  • Vintage Map Bottle Opener Set
  • Irish Stout Brewing Ingredient Kit
  • Custom Year Pilsner Glasses, Set of 2
  • Brew Soap Sampler – Set of 3
  • You Are Beer Map Print
  • Blue Bloom Gift Wrap Set - Set of 3
  • Happy Birthday Chalkboard Art Wrapping Paper Sheets
  • Chalkboard Gift Tags 25-Pack
  • Letterpress Nature Tags – Set of 8
  • White Glitter Feathers, 10-Pack
  • Assorted Chalkboard Art Wrapping Paper Sheets
  • Handmade Seed Wrapping Paper with Green Fern, Leather Fern and Purple Larkspur - 3 Sheets
  • Letterpress Circus Tags – Set of 6