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Woven by hand, steeped in tradition (and sometimes, botanical dyes) and ever-so-carefully stitched –– these are things meant for more than just tossing up on a shelf. They're cut from quality cloth that's meant to be held, hugged and kept around for a long long time.

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  • Vintage Bruck's Beer Photo Art
  • Arctic Explorer Peppermint Soap Pair
  • Waxed Canvas Tool Roll
  • Wallet & Smartphone Leather Holster
  • Whiskey Instructions Print
  • Cutting Corners Wallet
  • Saddle Leather Wallet
  • Americana 1.0 Leather Wallet
  • Reverse Denim Tote Bag
  • Olive Waxed Canvas Tote
  • Ampersand Canvas Tote
  • Linen and Leather Tote Bag - Natural Oatmeal
  • Hammered Sterling Silver Couples Band Set
  • Custom Anniversary Papercut Art
  • Ampersand Ceramic Wall Tile
  • Bronze Lurve Loaf Luff You Key Chain
  • Accordion Cat Print
  • Cardboard Letter Initials Set