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In case you missed it—it’s 20-freaking-14. That means you’ve got a whole new chance to get it together. And having a new lease of life is going to be waaay easier if you surround yourself with these inspired goods with a decidedly positive message. Pshaw, Negative Nancy.
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  • It's All About The Spice Chalkboard Art Print
  • Vermont Maple Syrup Sampler – Set of 3
  • Organic Black Garlic Spice Trio
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  • Notched Stacking Ring
  • Hammered Silver Oval Hoop Earrings
  • Bronze Signet Ring
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  • Faux Wood & Leaves iPhone Case
  • Penny Candy iPhone 4/4S Case
  • White Faux Wood + Chevron iPhone Case - Coral
  • Custom Bamboo Initial iPhone Case
  • Walnut iPad 2 Case with PortHole
  • Pastel Peacock Feather Abstract Print iPhone 4/4s & iPhone 5/5s Case

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