While you may not win the watermelon seed spitting competition, you WILL down 1.5 gallons of apple cider and leave with funnel cake dust on your shirt. This collection of fall fair-ready goods makes a certain spiced latte jealous.

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  • Hot Sauce Sampler Pack
  • Get Me A Switch Small-Batch Relish – 2 Pack
  • Spicy Lemon Zest Chickpeas 3-Pack
  • Mixed Set of Small-Batch Relish – 2 Pack
  • Sriracha Print
  • Spicy Fuego Red Salsa – Pack of 3
  • Paper Airplane Pillow Cover
  • Rustic Wooden Table Lamp
  • Because I'm A Wild Animal Art Print
  • Tree Block-Print Curtain
  • The Confetti Triangle Quilt
  • Burnt Orange Striped Upcycled Fabric Handwoven Rug
  • Red & Burgundy Canvas BTN Tote
  • Linen and Leather Tote Bag - Natural Oatmeal
  • Allowance Canvas Pouch
  • Linen and Leather Tote Bag - Gold
  • Waxed Canvas Lunch Bag
  • Vincent Leather Messenger Bag