Woven by hand, steeped in tradition (and sometimes, botanical dyes) and ever-so-carefully stitched –– these are things meant for more than just tossing up on a shelf. They're cut from quality cloth that's meant to be held, hugged and kept around for a long long time.

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  • Reclaimed Wood Bench & Shelf
  • Floating Anchor Reclaimed Wood Art
  • Reclaimed Wood Coffee Table
  • Reclaimed Wood Bathroom Vanity
  • Reclaimed Wood Pallet Coaster Set
  • X Base Reclaimed Maple Work Table
  • Because I'm A Wild Animal Art Print
  • Floral Deer Embroidered Wall Art
  • Bicycle Soul Art Print
  • Philadelphia City Hall Print on Vintage Dictionary Paper
  • Spruce Park Cabin Full Taxonomy Photo Print
  • Vintage Camera Print
  • Silver & Gold Pendant Necklace
  • Grapefruit Oolong Cocktail Bitters
  • Custom Square Initial Beer Mugs
  • Brooklyn, NYC Shot Glasses
  • Custom Rugged Initial Pint Glasses
  • Men's Philly Taps T-Shirt