Whether you’re headed to the annual work shindig or an eggnog-infused dinner event or, hey, maybe just a festive libation or two, here's a few ways to gear up for makin' the holiday rounds. They're made with a season's worth of parties in mind. Mistletoe sold separately.

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  • Spicy Fuego Red Salsa – Pack of 3
  • Jamaican Ginger Sugar Blend
  • Vermont Maple Syrup Quart
  • Lavender, Ginger & Citrus Sugars – Set of 3
  • 3 Chili Hot Chocolate Sticks – Set of 4
  • Sriracha Print
  • Eat Delicious Food Art Print
  • I Dig Carrots Letterpress Print
  • Summer Farmers Market Art Print
  • French Press Print
  • A Chemex Companion Coffee Letterpress Print
  • Love of Food Letterpress Print
  • Thoreau "All Good Things" Letterpress Print
  • California & New York Art Print
  • Joshua Tree Photo Art
  • Bon Voyage Map Print
  • "The World is a Book" Quote Print
  • Backpacking Gear Print