Obsessively filling out that Pinterest board with holiday recipes and decorating ideas, are we? That's swell and all, but don't forget the memorable details that make the dinner noteworthy: We're talking conversation-worthy serving pieces, crafty decorations and other creatively inspired table-makers that set the scene and then some.

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  • Measure Equivalents: An Illustrated Guide
  • Spring Farmers Market Art Print
  • Fruit and Vegetable Prints, Set of 3
  • Southern Cuisine Wood Sign
  • Winter Farmers Market Art Print
  • Red Cherries Vintage Botanical Print
  • Smoked Oaxacan Mole Sauce
  • Rum Sugar Blend
  • Maple Cube, Cream & Flakes Variety Pack – Set of 3
  • Spicy Lemon Zest Chickpeas 3-Pack
  • Coconut Breeze Sugar Blend
  • "Old Fashioned" Cocktail Caramels, 2 Boxes
  • "The Harder You Work..." Linen Pillow
  • Dearborne Ave. Denim Apron
  • Charcoal Chambray Pocket Square
  • Swiss Cross Pillow Cover, Mustard
  • Custom Linen Pillow
  • Galvin Turban Headband - Sienna