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  • Quail Egg Nesting Bowls, Set of 3
  • Large Organic Shape Serving Bowl
  • Small Ceramic Nesting Bowls, Set of 3
  • Beehive Ceramic Honey Pot
  • Mint Ceramic Teapot
  • Floral Ceramic Jewelry Dish
  • White Dots Linen Zip Tote
  • Recycled Beer Filter Cloth Beach Bag, Sea Colors
  • Brown Desert 2 Leather Tote
  • Maxi Luxe Waxed Cotton Tote
  • Black Dots Linen Zip Tote
  • Bison Leather Tote
  • Recycled Silver Dandelion Bloom Charm Necklace
  • Vintage Letterpress Type Necklace, Square
  • Upcycled Baseball Glove Leather Billfold No. 18
  • Vintage Paper Flowers with Stems — Set of 25
  • Vintage Letterpress Type Tie Bar
  • Salvaged Leather Crossbody Bag