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  • Skinny Circle Wool Scarf
  • Saskia Grey Knit Necklace
  • Purple Striped Handwoven Scarf
  • Mint Knit Scarf
  • White Cable Knit Throw Blanket
  • The Tie Knit Headband
  • Cast Bronze Bracelet No. 35
  • Topaz Hoop Necklace
  • Harmony Brass Necklace
  • Twig Brass Necklace
  • Custom I Love You Secret Message Ring
  • Cumulus Hoop Earrings
  • You Are My Sunshine Print Set
  • Heart Sterling Silver Necklace
  • I Love Your Hair, Will Your Marry Me Framed Print
  • Vintage Silver Wedding Spoons
  • Nerdy Love Letterpress Cards – Set of 6
  • We Were Together Hand-Lettered Art Print