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  • Pyrite, Copper & Brass Ring
  • Sand Dollar Copper Earrings
  • Aurora Borealis Necklace
  • Acorn Sterling Silver Necklace
  • Baby's Breath Brass Bangle
  • Custom Branch Initial Necklace
  • Gold Lines Bangle Bracelet
  • Hammered Gold Eclipse Ring
  • Golden Meadow Copper Necklace
  • Rectangle Dot Gold Ring
  • Teardrop Gold Necklace
  • Rose Gold Honeycomb Ring
  • Ansco Ready Flash Vintage Camera Lamp
  • Argus 75 Flex Vintage Camera Lamp
  • Vintage Repair Kit Lamp
  • Vintage Paper Flowers with Stems — Set of 25
  • Repurposed Federal Bullet Cufflinks
  • House Demolition NYC Print on Vintage Dictionary Paper