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Black Fox Lounge

50% off Black Fox Lounge
The Scoop: There's a reason people get nostalgic when they think of stars like Humphrey Bogart or...
The Scoop: There's a reason people get nostalgic when they think of stars like Humphrey Bogart or Rita Hayworth and images of classic hotel bars in noir films. Everything just looks so charming, so romantic, so perfect. That's where Black Fox Lounge finds its inspiration and it's why we love going there. Decorated with antique murals procured from the old Watergate Hotel and outfitted in dim light and dark wood, this place serves up cocktails, wine and food good enough to match the ambience, which often features live jazz and other music to set the mood. "We call it quietly sexy," the manager told us over a glass of pinot noir. So, do you come here often?

If the first paragraph didn't set the scene well enough, there's the menu. Signature cocktails include the Cucumber Bath, which features Hendrick's gin, Pimm's and tonic, and the Dark Invader, which includes Caruba Dark Rum, ginger beer and grapefruit juice. There's the wine menu, which is not only comprehensive, but highly tilted toward boutique, small-production wines available by both the glass and the bottle. And then there's the food. Nothing goes better with a few beverages than the baked brie, which is served with brown sugar, toasted almonds, fruit and toast. There's also the crab macaroni and cheese, which although most likely self-explanatory, deserves a few more words: lump crab meat is baked with penne pasta and cheese and served with a bed of greens...

And while it's true that if you want to have a strictly elegant evening, you can get that at Black Fox Lounge without a problem, this Dupont bar also knows how to remove it's proverbial Frank Sinatra fedora long enough let its hair down. The lower floor downstairs feature a stage, where you'll sometimes find karaoke or musical reviews. One more awesome thing about this place is that they have an awesome website that they keep updated, so make sure check it out for a full list of future events. Better yet, just go there and ask. The staff is friendly, as is the clientele. And yes, we do come here often.

Menu Highlights:
Baked Brie, $11
Crab Mac & Cheese, $11
Hummus Platter, $12
Cheese Platter, $15
Craft Cocktails, $11 to $14
Wine, $7 to $10 (glass), $24 to $149

Sunday - Thursday, 4 p.m. to 1:30 a.m.
Friday - Saturday, 4 p.m. to 2:30 a.m.

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