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Soul Vegetarian Restaurant

50% off Soul Vegetarian Restaurant
Scout Notes: When people speak of molecular gastronomy, often they’re talking about restaurants t...
When people speak of molecular gastronomy, often they’re talking about restaurants that cost hundreds of dollars per person. They’re talking about teeny-tiny plates filled with liquefied olives covered in orange foams and hazelnut snows. Or what have you… Clearly, I’m not a chef. And while I love to go all Anthony Bourdain all over a tasting menu every now and again, on a more everyday basis, I head to Soul Vegetarian's Exodus to get my culinary fix. It's a less expensive way to indulge in heaping helpings of molecular gastronomy. For real, the cooks in this kitchen turn wheat protein and peanut butter into the base for a succulent BBQ feast that’s better than a lot of beef briskets I’ve had in my day. Yes, if you see the “BBQ Twist” on that list of that days items at Soul Veg, order it.

Another one of my recent favorites is the Garvey Burger. “It’s a homemade patty that we created in our very own kitchen,” said Ritzoniyah, the restaurant's manager. “We serve it on a whole wheat organic bread with a house-made soy mayo.” In other words, no dairy – no problem. I ordered Garvey with a side of the Jerusalem Bake (sliced potatoes, battered and baked until crispy) and was full for the rest of the day. Well, except for that slice of sweet potato pie I couldn’t resist… Go ahead, I dare you not to succumb to its sweet, yam-filled goodness.

Menu Highlights:
Single Entree Plate, $10.50
Double Entree Plate, $12.20
Powershake Smoothie, $6.50

Monday - Saturday, 11:30 a.m. to 9 p.m.

*One thing to note: Although Soul Veg is open on Sundays for brunch from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m., it is a separate non-profit organization that runs it and thus, this Scoutmob cannot be used.

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