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Southern Hospitality

50% off Southern Hospitality
Affectionately called SoHo by its regulars, Southern Hospitality offers the best of both worlds: classic Southern comfort food elevated to fit an urban palate.
Contrary to what you learned in college, there's more to Adams Morgan than just that strip along 18th Street. If you keep going north you'll find Adams Mill Road on which one of my current neighborhood favorites is located. I'm talking about Southern Hospitality, or as the regulars affectionately call it, SoHo. And the nickname fits. While sure, this two-floor, brick and dark wood establishment serves up southern classics, like shrimp and grits and fried chicken, as well as its signature southern service (it's nice to have your server pay attention to you!), it also knows how to class things up. Take the Rack of Lamb, for instance, cooked to perfection and served with mashed potatoes and red wine sauce, this dish elevates comfort food to the next level. Even better, it comes as a small plate, which makes SoHo the least stressful dining experience ever—you don't have to choose just one meal, you can choose many. Many is also a word that applies to the cocktails here. With four different mojitos to choose from, ranging from traditional to mango, "many" is the quantity I always want to imbibe.

Menu Highlights:
Classic Mac n Cheese, $9.50
Rack of Lamb, $13.50
Fried Chicken, $18.50
Rockfish, $18.50
Fresh Apple Salad, $8.50

Monday - Friday, 11:30 a.m. to 11 p.m.
Saturday - Sunday, 10 a.m. to 11 p.m.

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