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Recess Tapas Lounge

50% off Recess Tapas Lounge
The Brandy Bread Pudding takes a classic to a new, way more fun level. Served warm with a dollop of ice cream, this is the best cocktail you'll ever eat.
While many may know Recess as one of the best weekend dance clubs in town, by day (and earlier evening), Recess is also one of the best tapas spots in the city. That's thanks to Chef WIll Vivas, who was brought on first as a late-night nibbles chef, but after impressing super cool owner Fisayo Oketunji, the two decided to team up to do a full menu. "His food is just too good to relegate to late night," said Fisayo, who traded in his law gig to follow more savory pursuits. More specifically, we're talking about perfectly seared Scallops Al Chef served up with a pesto risotto in the shell. And the Lomo Saltado, a traditional Peruvian dish of tender chunks of steak, simmered together with onions and tomatoes and served on a bed of crispy fries. And then there's the pan-seared Lamb Con Romero, the Camarones al Coco and possibly our new favorite dessert, the Brandy Bread Pudding, a.k.a. the best cocktail we ever ate. Of course, if you'd rather drink your cocktails, go for one of the most imaginative, the Swedish Cosmo. Made with Pinnacle Gummy, Triple Sec, cranberry juice and fresh lime, this drink is topped with the best accoutrement ever, Swedish Fish.

Menu Highlights:
Lomo Saltado, $10
Scallops Al Chef, $12
Lamb Con Romero, $14
Camarones al Coco, $10
Swedish Cosmo, $12

Kitchen Hours:
Tuesday - Friday, 11:30 a.m. to 10 p.m.
Saturday, 4:30 p.m. to 10 p.m.
Closed Sunday & Monday

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