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Billy Martin's Tavern

50% off Billy Martin's Tavern
With its all-day breakfast, new Blue Plate Specials and a history so interesting someone needs to write a book about it, Billy Martin's Tavern is a DC favorite for good reason.
Despite its central Georgetown location, Billy Martin's Tavern manages to keep its prices suburban-low, especially now that this historical neighborhood favorite is introducing Blue Plate Specials into the mix. "We really want to feed people well at lunch," said one of the most friendly restaurant GM's ever, Mayu Horie. "So, for around $12, we're giving you a plate of comfort food in just the right portion, so that you can go back to work rejuvenated and not tired." And it's true, after indulging in a slice of this cozy tavern's homemade meatloaf and a scoop of mashed potatoes, we became veritable writing machines. While you won't need coffee, you might want to order it anyway here, especially if you opt for the all-day breakfast instead of the savory BPS. We highly recommend The Rancher. Composed of a classic plate of eggs, bacon and pancakes, if eaten leisurely while reading the paper over a cup of joe, it's easy to imagine why JFK loved this place so much.

Menu Highlights:
Blue Plate Special, $12
French Onion Soup, $6.95
Martin's Steak Salad, $16,95
The Rancher, $9.75
Eggs Benedict, $11.95

Deal Hours:
Monday - Friday, 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.

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