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South Street Steaks

50% off South Side Steaks
The only debatable aspect of this Bethesda eatery is this: will you top your massive cheesesteak with provolone or Cheez Whiz? (OR BOTH?!)
Although we're only about two hours away from Philadelphia and its mouthwatering cheesesteak sandwiches, authentic versions of this Pennsylvania classic are still few and far between in the DMV. But not at South Street Steaks. Named after the Philly street where the sandwich may or may not have originated, ready your stomach for some true authenticity. These sammies are made the same way they are up north, filled with beef, onions and topped with plenty of whiz. Yes, we're talkin' Cheez Whiz. We don't care how processed it is because paired with tender bits of made-to-order beef on a hoagie roll? IT'S DELICIOUS. Should you want to go the more natural route, no worries. The purveyors of South Street Steaks will happily dress your beef with a slice of melted provolone. Whatever you do, though, don't forget the fries. Fresh out of the fryer, they're served up hot, crispy and golden. No wonder Washingtonian magazine named South Street Steaks as one of the area's best cheap eats.

Menu Highlights:
Classic Cheesesteak, $6.29 (9")/$7.99 (12')
Pizza Cheesesteak, $6.49/$8.49
Italian Cold-Cut Hoagie, $6.29/$8.29
The Misteak ("2.5 pounds of cheesesteak goodness"), $14.99
French Fries, $2.59

Daily, 11 a.m. to 9 p.m.

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