Girl Meets Food sometimes also meets beverages, which we find delightful as nothing does a body good more than keeping hydrated. And yeah, maybe we're stretching the notion of "eights glasses a day" a bit by including water of the fire variety, but what the hell. We work hard in DC and science is (vaguely) on our side, right? Whatever. Keith Stone is on our side and, obviously, that's all that matters.

But returning back to the subject at hand, delicious booze. It's sometimes hard to find in DC amid a large beer culture, but Mary Kong of GMF has done us all a favor sleuthing out these tasty glasses good cheer:

Nothing energizes a party like spiking the punch. It’s like the time I accidentally dropped a plate of oysters into the punch bowl at my company Christmas party and everyone started making out.

Sharing punch with friends is the perfect group activity and is uh, guaranteed to break the ice…

Andrew Jackson knew the power of punch. Like the time he pummeled that guy for trying to shoot him. When the crowds at Old Hickory’s White House inaugural ball became uncontrollable, the staff served punch out on the lawn to draw people out of the presidential mansion.

Order the very same Presidential Punch ($11/glass) at Jackson 20, made with Leblon cachaca, Jim Beam, Peach Schnapps, pineapple and cranberry juices, seasonal fruit and a Cabernet floater. 480 King Street, Alexandria, VA. 703. 842.2790.

Another presidential punch can be found at...

Call us R Kelly. AhemNot for that reason, but because we just left you with a cliffhanger, Trapped in the Closet style. To find more places in and around DC to sip on some punch that packs a punch, click on over to Girl Meets Food and read on!