Mary Kong over at Girl Meets Food has done it again. She's used her super culinary powers to wrangle up a list of eight of the most awesome economical brunches a city dweller can ever ask for (i.e., most of them feature bottomless beverages). But enough of our lead-in, we've got lists to devour:

Dude, this recession is killing my mojo. I went to the ATM last week and it gave me an I.O.U. I dined at Minibar last night and it's down to two seats from six. My show monkey and I have both had to find second jobs.

When times are tough, don't let a lack of cash cramp your style.

Before you sell off your firstborn, check out these value-packed bottomless brunches on the weekend and dine like it's the Roaring Twenties again:

Go beyond pancakes and eggs with El Centro DF $35 Mexican-inspired fiesta, including endless Michiladas, Bloody Marias and seasonal agua fresca cocktails. Mandatory must-try: sopes de huevo y salsa verde, poached eggs with beans and crabmeat.

If you love Mediterranean fare, Agora $29.95 all-inclusive mezze brunch includes traditional dishes as well as American favorites, plus bottomless Bloody Marys, mimosas, champagne and house martinis. Mandatory must-try: Challah French Toast with powerdered sugar and maple syrup.

And Ms. Mary's got six more money-saving recommendations, so we suggest you get outta here and get over there, then of course, get thee to brunch this weekend! There's a good chance we'll see you there.