Give us your best witty caption to go with this extra curious pic on Twitter or Facebook.

We'll post some our favorites to this here website.

As for this interesting image from last week, here are some of the caption contributions:


"Boy shoots panda, scores. Damn. Once again, punctuation rears its ugly head."
- Jamie Schulz


"England - 1, China - nil."
- Andrew Jackson

"If he makes this shot, it will just be un-bear-able!"
- Amanda Shook

"This is why Pele was banned from playing in China."
- Marie Wertowitch Mahoney

"Strong shot from Rooney....Blocked! Li Chang got a paw on it!!! Unbelievable save by the Panda from Beijing!"
- Jonathan Taylor

"Panda. Always. Wins."
- Alyx Mark

"He shoots. He scores! Panda-monium erupts!"
- Luan Le

"Now you know the secret behind how Beckham learned to bend it."
- Samantha Kahn