Give us your best witty caption to go with this extra curious pic on Twitter or Facebook.

We'll post some our favorites to this here website.

As for this interesting image from last week, here are some of the caption contributions:


"Hello? Ace Hardware? Can you FedEx a rebel helmet decoupler to the Apple store? I've got a rockin spot in line for the iPhone 5..."
- Jeffrey Keesee


‎"Girrrrrl, the tent is mauve!"
- Dallas Howell

"Some say he's never been inside a house, and that toilets scare him—all we know is... he's not the Stig, he's the Stig's hippie cousin!"
- Meg Clark

‎"Daft Punk is playing at MY house? Ok... be right there."
- Christian Seklecki

"Occupy the Death Star never got the press it deserved."
- Lorenzo Hoboken

"Some say he once partied so hard at a Phish concert that his tent is officially recognized by England as a fertility shrine."
- Jason Kulish

"Dude, Power Ranger camp is awesome!"
- Will Layton

"Just another day at Dolores Park"
- Mishel Be

"Heeeey, Pink Ranger, can you bring back a 12 pack? We're completely out."
- Emmanuel Benisano

‎"Sexual congress anyone? I have protection."
- John Aprigliano