Although the motto goes 'Virginia Is for Lovers,' tonight it's all about DC. Specifically, the romance is going down at Acre121 in Columbia Heights, where they're hosting a special Valentine's Day dinner for two. And if the promise of a seductive gourmet menu doesn't already have you making reservations, then surely the addition of the musical stylings of one of our current obsessions, local singer/songwriter Andrea Pais, most certainly will.

Having written her first song "Hold Me" at the tender age of 15 (the same age your Scoutmob editorial team was still in a babysitter's club...), Pais has become a force in DC, playing at just about every little bar, coffee shop and club you can imagine. But her real area of influence is the Web where her YouTube videos have received millions of views, and once you hear her voice, you'll understand why. Like Whitney (RIP), Andrea is amazing.

And while her covers are outstanding (we're pretty sure Whitney just gave a thumbs up from above just now), it's Pais's original work that sets her apart. We found out more on that.

What is the song you are most proud of writing?
"Meaningless." It's a song about finding your purpose in life and it's complimented by powerful instrumentation.

What do you come up first: the melody or the lyrics?

Is it easier to write a love song or a break-up song?
Depends on my mood and my relationship status.

Do certain environments make you songwriting process easier or can you literally be anywhere and be like, "I have an idea!"?
I have most of my song ideas come to me during long drives when I have all my thoughts to myself. After I have the idea I build a melody on the piano and then write lyrics to it.

Finally, if you were to speak to other aspiring singer/songwriters out there what would you tell them are your top tips for successful songwriting
I have never taken any classes on song-writing and I don't consider myself an expert on it, but I think that the most important things are being honest, keeping it simple and writing an engaging hook.

Now, join us in our obsession over this young musician who we're pretty sure is going to be selling out arenas in the next couple of years. Follow Andrea on Twitter, check her out on Facebook and definitely treat yourself to her performance (and dinner!) at Acre121 tonight.