So, some stuff happened this week. From news scoops to extra-awesome blog entries, we're scouting it all and filing it here each Friday for your pre-weekend, party conversation review pleasure.

Leon of Listen to Leon is still breathing sighs of relief about surviving what he calls "The Worst Black History Month Since the Middle Passage."

We're obviously still loving the mustaches behind the Fojol Bros. food truck and so are you, says Smithsonian magazine.

WBJ had the what-what over a possible Wawa opening, but we'll still be going to Fast Gourmet for our gas-station sandwich fix.

DCist reveals a LOLcat is running for Senate in Virginia. You can haz voter registrashun.

Go ahead and photograph weirdos on the Metro. TBD assures us it's our right.

Cycle Jerks got the deets on a dope used bike sale tomorrow.

OnTap mag has everything you need to know about the upcoming Rock and Roll Marathon. Sex and drugs do not make an appearance.

Washingtonian profiles Joe Englert, the man who's in charge of some of the coolest (and some of the weirdest—in a good way) DC bars.

Finally, someone not in DC named CGP Grey, made an entertaining video about what the heck a Leap Year is. You can never prepare too far ahead of time for 2016.