This week we learned that dude from the S@#t DC People Say video is still good at making viral videos, this time about Good Stuff Eatery's new Crystal City locale. Via EaterDC.

Speaking of eating, Thrillist DC takes a look at a new PB+J-themed food truck, brought to us by the good people of Sticky Rice and Dangerously Delicious Pies. #mega #yum

And should you eat too many gourmet PB+J's, and need to buy new pants, Washingtonian magazine had the scoop on three new shops opening up in Arlington.

And, yeah, I'm kind of a jerk for bringing up hypothetical weight issues (it was an easy transition!), but at least I'm not as dickish as Brightest Young Things makes Jonathan Franzen sound.

Are you a lady living in DC? Then you're going to live a long, long, loooong time, compared to the rest of the ladies in America. At least according to some survey results published in the Post.

We don't talk about Reston much, but when this blog post title came up in our RSS feed, now it's all we want to talk about. Flashback Monday: More on Reston's Homicidal Nudist Colony, Part 1: The Snakeden of Iniquity. Via the Restonian.

And while that's hard to follow-up, these beautiful pictures of beautiful people in at last week's WW Club event at the Water Street Project might do the trick. Via GoKateShoot.

Finally, on the music front, DC's most famous post-punk resident, Ian MacKaye of Minor Threat and Fugazi, turned...50, which means it's vintage video time!